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History: Gus Iannarino   
In 1959 I wanted my own business! The first choice was a Beer & Wine carryout, but it was too expensive, so I decided on a pizza place.

In April of 1959 we opened up our first location at 2629 Mock Road in a small shopping center. At the time, we had two daughters, Teri and Marita and one son, Michael. We combined the two girls names and came up with Terita's.

I bought the best cheese, sauce, pepperoni and other ingredients I could find. The dough recipe was given to us by a cousin, who owned a pizza place at the Lockbourne Air Force Base and, after not finding a suitable sausage, I made my own homemade Italian sausage with no fillers! In 40 years, nothing has changed; we still use only the best ingredients.

In the beginning, I was unable to afford to pay for help so all of my family volunteered: mother, father, wife, mother-in-law, cousins and friends.

Most of the equipment was coin-operated machines, and once a month a service man would collect the money out of the boxes.

It took two more locations before the business was successful enough for us to buy, enlarge and remodel 3905 Cleveland Avenue (which was a hole in the wall when we bought it), and we have been located there since 1962.

My son, Tom, was born in 1961 and the owner since my retirement, but I am still active and happy to be involved in the business!


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